Corporate Taxes

Corporate Taxes

Corporate taxes refer to the tax originating from the taxable profit of a company. A company being limited whether by guarantee or shares, clubs, association, members, trade and housing associations, cooperative groups are all necessitated by the law to keep records of their transactions in a manner that should be sufficient to enable a company to generate an exact company tax return.

All records should include all original purchase expenses and sales receipts. It is the responsibility of a company to calculate their own corporate tax liability. Those who will fail to submit their tax return after the statutory filing date, which normally involves twelve months after the accounting period, are accountable for penalties.

This timely submission of tax return is commonly not followed for the reason that most corporations find it difficult to process and calculate their corporate taxes. In line with this, there comes the existence of accounting and tax firms who help business owners strategically plan and do the corporate tax preparation. Simply provide all the related and needed financial documents and the service provider will take care of the rest, considering this kind of service is indeed beneficial and a stress reliever to most companies.

If you are looking for such provider of accounting and tax preparation services, you can never go wrong once you opt and trust Lyons and Lyons Enterprises Inc. Since your tax liability requires firm planning and strategizing, we work to assist you on diminishing your tax liability via meticulous planning and proactive tax reduction strategies. We take time to decipher your business so whether you are an incorporated sole proprietor or running a small business, allow us to help on your strategic tax planning and preparation.

With our corporate tax specialists, who have in-depth tax and industry experience, they can guide you in every aspect of your corporate taxes, from statutory filings, resolving tax conflicts with tax authorities to determining tax efficient strategies for your business.

Why Choose Lyons and Lyons Enterprises Inc.?

In every step of the way, we are here to stand by you. Through a simple call, we will quickly respond to your need. Our timely and exact tax calculations and corporate tax return filings are the best among the various characteristics in which are clients like about us, not to mention that we provide services that are always willing to work with the budget of our client. We are focused in assisting our clients administer their tax affairs, seeking rightful tax savings opportunities whilst helping to comply with the tax laws.

For more information about our tax planning assistance services, you may visit our main office in Abbotsford, BC or contact us today at 604-504-5710.

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